Open-sourcing Voxels

Since I wrote Voxels in 2014, I had interest from developers working on different projects where they found it’ll help them achieve their goals. The previous licensing made this difficult.

While it has always been my intention to open source the library, I finally do it now. I wanted to take some time to clean-up the code and better document it and kept postponing. My day-to-day work in Coherent Labs takes most of my time and Voxels was always left behind.

Now I’m setting it finally free on GitHub. There are no significant changes since the first release in 2014 and honestly I don’t have current plans to continue the development of the library due to my other development work.

The library is licensed under the very permissive 3-clause BSD license, so feel free to modify it and incorporate in your projects. If you plan to use the library – drop me an e-mail , I’m always happy to see what developers achieve with volume surfaces.


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